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Serendipity is a family business recognised year after year for its premium quality products, frequently winning gold at the National Dairy Competitions.

Founded by Alix Mandelson in 1966, Serendipity began when she first started making her own ice cream at home in Sydney. Being allergic to chocolate, and with the most exotic ice cream being Neapolitan at that time, Alix wanted to create more interesting and enjoyable flavours.


Alix became a known pioneer of the gourmet ice cream market with her innovative creations, such as Maple Walnut, Pistachio and Rum & Raisin, considered to be deliciously bold and unique flavours at that time.

Today, Serendipity’s award-winning premium products are still produced in small batches using the best natural ingredients. Continuously producing new, interesting, and fun-filled recipes that are denser and lower in sugar than most commercial brands, Serendipity does not compromise on its exacting standards, in particular ... TASTE!


It's what's on the inside that counts

Today Invidia Foods manufactures over 50 flavours for customers all over Australia and all over the world. The facility is fully HAACP and AQIS certified where we manufacture with the latest equipment, yet still hold true to fundamental artisan techniques. We are a family owned and run business who are passionate about two things; 

People and Ice Cream

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